Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet Father's Day at Frost

Frost, a locally-owned doughnut shop that opened in my neighborhood five years ago, may be one of the best of its kind in the world. It bills itself as “the destination for dessert” and aspires to make the “best doughnuts anyone has ever tasted.”

The menu includes mouthwatering creations such as Banana Crème & Walnut Bismarck, Strawberry Champagne Fritter and Root Beer Float Bismarck. Who knew such a simple dessert could come in so many different flavors?

On a day like today, when American families celebrated Father’s Day, the lines at Frost’s new location at the Mill Creek Town Center were longer than usual. And, unfortunately, the bakery had run out of the kind of doughnut my family likes the most: Old Fashioned Salted Caramel.

But the visit was more than worth it, and I’m sure we’ll keep coming back for more sweet treats on birthdays and special occasions. It’s a family tradition now.

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