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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dopress book not my project

Dozens of sketcher friends around the world have contacted me in the past month about an email they have received from a China-based publisher known as Dopress, which is preparing a book with the same title as mine, The Art of Urban Sketching.

Sketchers are receiving emails from an editor named Ivy who invites them to submit their artwork for publication.

I have never been in contact with this person or this publisher. A quick look at their website shows a catalogue of books on interior design, graphic design and architecture.

While I personally don't like the idea of a book with the same title as mine, I can't find a compelling reason to disapprove of a project that aims to showcase an art form I practice and work hard to promote on a daily basis. Besides, book titles can't be copyrighted.

Sketchers should use their own judgement when deciding to contribute to this or any other publishing projects.


  1. The email I received wasn't very professionally written and struck a tone that suggested they were doing me a favor by allowing me to send them sketches. As someone who has been on both the selling and buying ends of publication contracts, that didn't sit well with me and I told them so. I saw the name conflict as an indication that they had no idea what they were doing (grin).

    Cheers --- Larry

  2. I got one too, the use of English on their website is very poor and I suspect that the publications are of poor quality. I asked for a review copy of another one of their books but they said they are unable to send them out! They also refused to give any details of who the author or editorial team would be.

  3. Thanks for posting your comments Gabi.

    I was also originally turned off by the use of the title of the book but I’m a little torn since the book is trying to promote Urban Sketching as well as show case individual artists – which I believe can’t be a bad thing for all of us.

    But when I asked them the names of the contributing artists, they told me they could not release the names until the book was published. I was more concerned with this response.


  4. If the publisher is using a different name for their new book, maybe our fellas will fall into this ruse. This is the trick these Chinese organizations have been using onto all kind of things, such as "Art Competition", ask for entry fees, then gives you a nonsense award certificate; and here is the book, ask for submission for paying nothing. However, there are a lot of people will buy these "put together" books in the mainland China.

  5. This is a strictly "copycat" endeavour and in my view any project which attempts to copy another book so closely is NOT worthy of our involvement.

    I've also had more than one invite from more than one so-called editor which of itself says something about this project.

    Besides which there are any number of other books who are all trying to capitalise on the success of the original "The Art of Urban Sketching" - see my blog post http://makingamark.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/2014-urban-sketching-art-books.html

  6. I think Katherine makes a good point, "copycat" is still copying and although MikeD had a good point about promoting urban sketching, surely there are better ways. Urban Sketchers is growing and successful so it was certain others will try to get on the bandwagon.

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  8. I got an emaill too. They told me to publish my artwork on Dopress in Infographic designs while my artwork that they wanted to be featured is an Icon Showcase. How should I response to this?

    1. I received an email tonight from a kindly guy working for Dopress. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong in giving away some past works yet free published and shared across the Internet. My job (infographic designer) is spreading information, and that information may be given for free once it has been published (and already paid).
      Do not give the source file, any way

  9. I just got an email about 2 weeks ago to publish some of my Industrial Design sketches in the book, "Product sketchbook: ideas, processes and refinements". After receiving their contract, I am concerned that my sketches would be signed over to them, and I would no longer have the rights to my own work. Has anyone else reviewed their contract?