Friday, July 26, 2013

Op-Ed art

See a sample of my op-ed illustrations on this flickr set.

In newspapers, the page opposite to the editorials is known as the "op-ed" page. Articles in this page reflect the views of their authors, not the newspaper, and are often accompanied by illustrations. As part of my full time job at The Seattle Times, I illustrate op-ed columns on a regular basis.. It's an interesting challenge to come up unique ideas for topics that repeat so often, such as education, city planning, transportation, security, and so on.

Although I often draw these illustration in less than two hours, it takes me longer to come up with a concept. That seems counterintuitive, but it's true. Everything is much easier after I know what to draw. If the article is available early, I read it and keep in the back of my mind for a day or two, then sit down to come up with concepts. If the article is written on deadline, I talk to the editor in advance to learn about the topic.

The images below shows the steps I took for a couple of recent assignments, from concept sketches to final artwork.

Here's a link to the article: College graduates face a dismal job market.

College graduates face a dismal job market.

Why the NSA’s gathering of metadata matters.

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