Monday, June 10, 2013


Though I joined Twitter what seems like eons ago, only in the last weeks I've begun composing 140-character messages in earnest. I've even spent $1.99 for an app that lets me browse through the lists of people I follow in my iPhone (sketchers/artists, journalists, Seattle media, etc...) It's called Echofon, and it's making the experience much more worth my time.

For a while, I mostly used Twitter to post photos of my sketches -- how cool is it to live-tweet a sketch in progress, huh? But, lately, I'm beginning to converse with others via Twitter as well -- I think that's what I was missing! I'm getting to know my tweeps better and I don't feel like I'm shouting into the ether anymore.

In addition to the "look-at-what-I'm-sketching-now" posts, I'm also sharing more links and re-tweeting other people's messages. It feels good to draw attention to work other than my own.

Here are some of those links I shared this week:

I'd go see this if I could: The Art of Daniel Clowes at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Opens June 29

Poignant sketch of @FDNY's Engine 55 by Vancouver sketcher Don McNulty

Matthew Cencich organizes exhibit of sketchbooks in Victoria, BC

The City of Seattle Municipal Archives on flickr. Does your city do something like this. What a great source of sketching ideas

Michel Longuet and Simo Capecchi sketchwalk in Paris. I bought Longuet's book too

The DIY sketchbooks of Jessie Chapman

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