Monday, May 13, 2013

Keri Smith: "Perspective is everything."

What stood out from my Internet consumption this week, visually speaking:

1. A charming and thought-provoking set of hand-drawn signs by guerrilla artist Keri Smith, of Wreck This Journal fame.

move over a little bit

The captions Keri writes for each sign on flickr are just as good if not better. "Move over a little bit," reads the one for the sign above. I'm going to remember that, not just for sketching, for anything.

If we all "moved over a little bit," instead of being set in our own ways, we'd see things differently. We'd be more open-minded and tolerant, wouldn't we? Perspective is everything.

2. Fifteen cartoons that changed the world, some of them inked more than 100 years ago. [Via Cartoon Movement.] Powerful stuff ... Share it with anyone who may think cartoons are silly or irrelevant!

3. A post on by Paul Heaston on how to draw those ellusive ellipses. That's how it's done!

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