Monday, January 21, 2013


My Saturday Seattle Times column usually runs across the bottom of the local news cover, but every now and then I pitch it for centerpiece position. The "centerpiece," in newspaper jargon, is the story with the largest photo or artwork on a page.

As you can imagine, that is a coveted spot that every reporter and photographer wants. It's not a given for me to get it. Editors make the decision. In this case, since no other stories about this movie theater had been published after it reopened a few weeks ago, my chances of being "centerpieced" were pretty good.

The lesson for me: The more "newsy" or "timely" my sketching ideas are, the better chances I have to get my work displayed larger on the page. It's also good to sketch people who haven't had a lot of media exposure, "unsung heroes" doing things the community should know about.

See the full story: Film buff gives Columbia City theater an encore.

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