Saturday, December 22, 2012

Urban sketching videos

Belgian architect Gérard Michel and French illustrator Lapin are becoming the Hollywood stars of urban sketching. Go grab a bag of popcorn and watch them perform in these cool videos:

Sketching in Liège. Video by Werner Van den Bulck

Sketching vintage cars at Museu de Caramulo in Portugal. Video by Patrícia Pedrosa

More urban sketching videos

The Urban Sketchers Vimeo Channel created by Tommy Kane also has a great collection of videos. Contact Tommy or me if you want to add your video to the channel.

I also recommend Parka's videos on Vimeo. Parka is a member of the Singapore Urban Sketchers and blogs at


  1. Lovely videos! So fun to see sketchers out and about together.

  2. So nice to see people doing what I love. I've started a group here I'm Spokane, WA. What fun.