Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Night Links, Oct. 14

I started this SNL posts last week. Here's the second installment:

A few days ago, I stumbled upon the work of Spanish photojournalist Samuel Aranda through this slideshow, In Spain, Austerity and Hunger, published by The New York Times. Samuel, winner of the 2012 World Press Photo, has spent more than a decade covering wars and political unrest around the world, most recently the Egypt revolution and the Libyan uprising. I admire Samuel's bravery, dedication and photographic skills. His work really speaks to that old saying: to get a better photo, get closer to your subject, or "zoom in with your feet," as I heard someone say recently. I got hooked browsing through the photo galleries on Samuel's website at and I'm now following him on Twitter @Samuel_Aranda_
I have a few things in common with fellow urban sketcher Stéphane Kardos. We are both European ex-pats living in the West Coast of the U.S. We are both in our early 40s. We are both fathers. We both draw for a living —he works as art director for Walt Disney, I am a newspaper artist at The Seattle Times. And now we both have artist pages on Facebook. You may have already "liked" mine here. Now, go over to Stéphane's page, which he opened just a few days ago, and give him a "like" too. Stéphane's drawing style is urgent and alive. It carries the energy and confidence of an accomplished artist.
Draw Like a Six-Year-Old is an inspiring, humorous essay by Phil McAndrew, an illustrator and cartoonist originally from Syracuse, NY, now living in San Diego. Phil's writing is clever and heartfelt, just like his pictures. I agree with everything he has to say —"Doodling is extremely healthy"— and you might too.


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