Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Night Links: My best web finds of the week

Thanks to the Internet, every week I discover the work of great artists I didn't know, learn about new books on art and illustration, read an inspiring interview or stumble upon a Facebook page that makes me hit the "like" button right away. Sometimes I share the links to all that good stuff on my Seattle Sketcher Facebook page or Twitter. But, more often than not, I'm busy doing something else and miss sharing the finds.

In trying to keep up with the new goal I set for this blog just a year ago, ("to share random notes on urban sketching, art, illustration, journalism and all things drawn,") I'm going to start posting a roundup of my favorite web finds of the week every Sunday. If you find it useful, I invite you to share the post with others.

So, without any more explanation, here's the first installment of my Sunday Night Links!

This new Facebook page of thought-provoking statistics presented in graphic form is an instant hit in my book. It's mantained by Spanish infographics guru Jaime Serra and other professional infographic journalists who make a living displaying data in ways we all can understand. The motto behind 1xCiento (One percent, in Spanish): "Data are people, every number tells a story." (Los datos son personas, cada cifra es una historia) This is a brilliant idea. If Jaime and his colleagues can keep up with the posting, the page will be a huge success. Publishers should take note. I see a book in the horizon.
Interesting comments on Photography vs. drawing by legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson —also a sketcher!— in Picture-It, the always enlightening blog by professor Fred Lynch, of RISD and Montserrat College of Art.
Unusual Q&A by Rolling Stone Magazine with comic book artists Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes and brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, "the four horsemen of Alternative Comics." In the interview, Ware shares this tidbit that kept me thinking. He's right. Comics are not illustration, they are drawn stories.
"I've fought the idea of comics being illustration many times. To even mention them in the same breath is not helpful. If you're illustrating stories, then you're not writing comics. The real power of comics is writing as you draw." —Chris Ware

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