Sunday, October 21, 2012

SNL #3, Oct. 21

Ask Polly: Should I Quit My Job To Be An Artist? (The Awl) You'll love what Polly has to say. A snippet:
"... under your skin, a war is waging, a war between pragmatism and idealism, a war between spontaneity and drudgery, a war between captivity and freedom. You imagine quitting, on a whim. You imagine standing up and walking out and going to a café to sketch or write or read or whatever it is that artists spend their days doing."

Illustration Age. Who wouldn't like a site whose motto is "Long live illustration." Are they on Facebook too? You bet they are, and I can't believe I'm the 7,100th person find out. Where have I been?

Trash the block. Brooklyn-based illustrator Jillian Tamaki makes garbage look so beautiful and interesting in this visual essay for Print Magazine. Found this via Drawn! back in July, but never too late to share it.

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