Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mighty doodles

Those who are familiar with my urban sketching may not expect these type of illustrations coming from me. But the truth is, this cartoony style has been at the center of my drawing skills ever since I could hold a pen. I grew up making drawings similar to these on the margins of my school notes all the way through college.

When an art director from AdWeek magazine contacted me last year looking for some "doodles" to illustrate an article full of statistics, I decided to use this style instead of drawing something more realistic.

The assignment turned out to be more work than I expected because I made the rookie mistake of misreading the scope of the project. I assumed I only had to draw 10 doodles when, in fact, the art director also wanted me to handwrite all the text! Still, it was a fun project that left me wanting to draw in this style more often.

You can see all the drawings on this flickr set, and below is a partial screengrab of how the article appeared online.


  1. Ha I like it! Your cartoon like sketches are really cool.

  2. Very nice and cool! Congrats!!!

  3. XD... you should see my school notes too...