Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sketching in museums

Too cold to draw outdoors? Museums are a great place to indulge in urban sketching during the winter season. I recently sketched at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry for my newspaper column. On the photo, you can see a sketch in progress of the locally famous "toe towing truck."

But as fun as sketching inside a museum is, you may encounter some obstacles. For reasons I can't really understand, some museums have strict rules about sketching, going as far as banning wet media such as watercolors. Are they afraid we'll vandalize their art collections? If that was the intention, a car key could do more damage. I think museums should be more friendly to artists. We are their number one customers!


  1. I sketch in museums all the time - but I'm using coloured pencils and they're no problem at all to the powers that be. If you used watercolour pencils you could do the watercolour thing when you get home.

    I have some sympathy with them - anything which involves water or solvents starts to pose the risk of both accidents and not so nice things happening.

    Besides which the National Gallery in London does allow people to do copies using easels - but only if they apply in advance

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    National Gallery stopped me using pastels their official policy is only to allow pencils. they were quite intimidating apparently the same security runs the royal academy. nowadays i never take anything other than pencils or dry media pens.

    tonytheartist on twitter

  3. Advocate Art6:28 AM

    Hi Gabi,

    Really like your artwork, lovely blog! :-)

    Best wishes,
    Zara from Advocate Art

  4. Хорошие фотки)))

  5. Hmmm...
    looking too nice.. but i think finishing could be more better than it

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