Monday, November 21, 2011

Sketch time at the barbershop

I can finally check the barbershop off my list. Ever since I saw João Catarino's barbershop sketch on the Urban Sketchers blog more than three years ago, I've wanted to sketch while getting my haircut. But I never seemed to muster up the courage to do it. Not being that good at the art of small talk -- a handy skill to have in these situations, I've always feared an avalanche of questions from the hair stylist if I started drawing. But this last time, my itch to break a new pocket Moleskine was bigger than my desire to sit quietly and watch 15 or 20 minutes of potential sketching time go to waste.

"You go right ahead," said the hair stylist when I told her that I'd occupy myself sketching while she trimmed away my hair. She respected that. Didn't give me any strange looks. Didn't ask further questions. She didn't even seemed surprised that I wasn't interested in the football match on TV -- every haircutting station at this "Sports Clips" barbershop is equipped with a giant flat screen tuned to ESPN or whatever sports channel you may want.

At the end, I was happy with my haircut, and with my sketch. I'm pretty sure I'll be coming to "Sports Clips" again.


  1. Ah ha! She even checked the eyebrows? LOL.

  2. super sketch! You are my hero, Gabi - in the next 12 month I will try to repeat this ;)

  3. Well some time ago I'm not going to cut my hair lol ... I really liked the good article thank you ...