Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out of this world!

There are two stories merging on this sketchbook spread. On the left page, my son is striking a pose while we browse Halloween costumes and other scary gadgets at the Party Supply Store.

"Why would I smile?" He quipped when I told him to do so for my sketch. "I have a knife stuck in my head!"

He was right, that smart boy.

The right page also shows my son, among other kids, but in a serious environment: school. That day I was the parent volunteer in the classroom, a job that usually entails stapling sheets of paper, grading tests or other simple tasks. With that kind of help from parents, teachers can spend more time actually teaching.

After completing my task, I couldn't resist doing a few sketches of the kids while they wrote on their journals. And the most fun was grading myself with the cool rubber-stamps I found inside a drawer: "Amazing!" "A Home Run!" "Out of this world!"

That made me feel really good about these sketches. I wonder where I can buy some of those stamps now!


  1. Hmmmm, I bet a seasoned teacher could help you find cool stamps. :) It's always very, very awesome when I can get my 7-year-old to sit for a sketch or actually sit down with me while I sketch. So great job, Gabi! Or AMAZING!

  2. What? No visit to Archie McPhee? LOL.

  3. hehe good sketches are brilliant ... I liked too ... this very good article ...