Sunday, October 16, 2011

Evolve or die

Today I'm taking that old adage as an excuse to repurpose this blog one more time. Yes, the fourth time in five years! You can read about previous incarnations of my blogspot here. (I will continue to post my sketches of Seattle on my Seattle Times blog.)

Let's see where this new phase takes me. As "the sketch journalist," my goal is to share random notes on urban sketching, art, illustration, journalism and all things drawn. I wrote all that under the blog header so I don't forget. Feel free to poke me if I steer away from my objective.

I'm typing this on my e-mail. When I hit "send," the message should materialize into a blog post. I hope it works. I'm banking on this blogging method to post more frequently.


  1. It worked! I've been told that depending upon your device, you should also be able to verify that the post - posted.

  2. Gabi,
    I look forward to reading and seeing your explorations. Good to see you Saturday.
    Frank B

  3. Super! Looking forward to following along ...

  4. new life is always interesting :) good luck!