Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sketching a sports event? Team colors are key

At Qwest with the Emerald City Supporters

I was relieved to find a green crayon and a blue color pencil among the tools I brought with me to sketch a pre-season game between the Sounders FC and the Colorado Rapids — the soccer season actually starts next Tuesday! While I normally use watercolors, dry media is a better fit for me to capture the energy in a scene like this one. It's also faster to apply.

Go over to my Seattle Times blog to see more sketches of the most passionate soccer fans in Seattle, the Emerald City Supporters.

Sketchbook: 7"x10" Canson Mixed Media XL Series


  1. Hii Gabriel!

    Another great sketches!!!

    Greetings from Sardinya!!


  2. I have no clue how you manage to sketch when you're a soccer fan!