Monday, January 3, 2011

Conference sketching

My high school history teacher really liked all the little illustrations I would draw on the margins of my class notes — you can picture lots of maps, country flags, army men and so on. So much that he asked to photocopy all my pages at the end of the school year.

In college, my habit of drawing while listening to teachers continued. A slideshow in art history class was something to look forward to. I enjoyed the challenge of sketching every slide before the next one would go up.

So it's no suprise that I need to draw anytime I'm in a conference, class or meeting environment. It's a safe situation, where you're supposed to be writing things, and nobody ever notices if you are actually drawing — well, one of my high school teachers did catch me drawing a caricature of him, but that's another story.

These are some sketchbook pages from a journalism conference I attended in Spain in November where I enjoyed a bit of conference sketching.



Sketching during the conference sessions gave me some inertia and I did a few more spreads over lunch and dinner.




Society of News Design - Spanish Chapter

During my presentation about my newspaper job I also talked about Urban Sketchers. I wonder if anybody in the audience sketched that!


  1. Aixó que descrius es veritable vocació i explica com has arriban on has arribat fent el que fas.
    No tothom s'atreveix, pero aquest és un bon exemple a seguir.

  2. Nice sketches Gabi, I particularly like the sketchy lines and mood of the last drawing. The drawing of Olaf is nice too!

    I was guilty of drawing instead of doing my homework when I was in High School. Not necessarily a good thing for my grades at the time. But I still managed to go off to college and get two degrees, so I must have been doing something right!

  3. Hope you were still paying attention. There will be a test afterwards.

    Love the couple having a drink. Great lines.

  4. @laura, moltes gràcies, un plaer veure't per qui!
    @richard, i think we both were doing something right by not giving up on drawing while in school!
    @baincardin, thanks!
    @Keith, that one is my favorite too!