Monday, December 27, 2010

Third blog redesign in four years

I don't know how often other bloggers redesign their sites. I just gave this one its third major facelift in four years!

Here's a quick recap: I joined the blogosphere in late 2006 with "el blog de gabi campanario." Almost two years later, in July of 2008, "el blog" became "Seattle Sketcher," the precursor of my current Seattle Times blog and weekly column. And in May of 2009, the original "Seattle Sketcher" became a "gabi campanario" blog that I intended to use as a billboard of all things "me" and other art and journalism related topics.

But that goal didn't go so well. I only did a handful of posts through 2010, so I decided a few weeks ago that it was time for a change. I've redone the site as "The Seattle Sketcher. Drawing in the Emerald City since 2006," hoping to jump start a new phase.

Thanks to cool new Blogger templates, different tabs positioned below the masthead now include a map of sketching locations, a store and a page with samples of my editorial illustration work. I am also devoting the column on the far right to ads and have added ads to the RSS feed.

(A parenthesis on the ads. I know they are a sticky subject, especially in art blogs where they can be seen as a distraction from the art. But I'll be a happier blogger if I know that the time I put into this blog brings a little extra income for my family — gotta build up the college savings accounts for the kids! On the other hand, the web publisher in me tells me that well managed ads can also serve readers, so I'll do my best to monitor my Adsense account to screen for useful ads.)

The blog won't be anything like what it's been so far. I hope you'll stay tuned!


  1. Here I am. I'm going to see everything!

  2. Pointed in your direction by my brother-in-law (One A Day - Mostly Seattle), I'm in this thing for the long haul as well. I don't do a lot of sketching, but I certainly enjoy what I've seen of yours!

  3. I'm excited to watch your blog, Gabi- I lived and worked in Seattle for @ 20 years. I look forward to exploring the new layout, esp. the tabs.

    I tried to look back at the Times, but their history ends after your first page. Durn.

  4. Glad to see you posting here again! I love looking at your sketches, and your work inspires me to take out my sketchbook and doodle or speed-sketch when I'm out and about.

  5. Sounds good Gabi, I always enjoy your blog.

  6. it's good to be back here, thanks for all the comments!

    @Casey, I've brought up that issue to my editors at the paper. It's too bad you don't get the full blog experience after the first 8 posts.

  7. Like the redesign, Gabi!

  8. Thanks Suma, great to hear from you!