Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa knows what a sketcher wants

I'm really excited with the presents Santa brought me this year: The Associated Press Stylebook, which is the bible of news writing —I recommend it to anyone blogging in English—, a subscription to the Artist's Magazine and a copy of They Drew Fire, a fascinating book about combat artists of the Second World War.

What did Santa bring you?


  1. Hello, Gabi! I noticed the copy of 'They Drew Fire', and although I haven't seen it, I assume it does not include the work of a fellow by the name of Ben Steele, who still lives and works in Billings, MT. He lived through the Bataan Death March, and his art portrays the horrors and experiences of war in a very real way. I think you can probably find a few examples on the web.

  2. Hi Dave! Thanks for the tip about Ben Steele. I'm going to look him up online since he's not featured in the book. The artists featured are Franklin Boggs, Howard Brodie, Manuel Bromberg, William Draper, Richard Gibney, Robert Greenhalgh and Edward Reep. Impressive work by all of them as you can imagine.