Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All the Sketches That are Fit to Print

Seattle Sketcher at The Seattle Times

In 2010 I drew nearly 200 sketches as part of my news artist job at The Seattle Times. All of them ran in my Times blog and about 60 made it into print as part of my weekly column, which runs every Saturday on the cover of the Local section. But only six drawings would fit on this year-in-review package that ran last week.

The editing process to make the final selection was hard. It forced me to look back at my work with a special critical eye. I was able to pair down my choices to 18 sketches, which were included in a web gallery, and my editors helped me narrow down the final selection to the six you see on the page.


  1. Of the six shown, I like the houseboat at the top the best.