Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Pirate Says Arrr!


Sketch and page © The Seattle Times. Photo by Steve Shay, courtesy of the West Seattle Herald. Click on images to enlarge.

My sketching gig at the paper keeps getting more interesting by the day. Recently I sketched a bunch of people dressed as pirates landing on a local beach. It's an annual event that kicks off a month-long summer celebration known as Seafair. Fun stuff.

For the first time since I started it, my illustrated column ran as centerpiece of the Local section. And the competition was tough if you know what I mean. Check the photo below the fold of a nudist group trying to set a skinny-dipping world record.

I got an overall positive response to the post except for one commenter on the blog who compared the sketch to a scribble his five year old niece could do. You can read the post and the rest of the comments here and add your thoughts or give comments your thumbs up or down if you'd like.

In the middle of the crazy scene while I was surrounded by pirates I met Steve Shay, a writer and photographer for the West Seattle Herald. He was very nice to let me use one of the photos he took of me that he also included on his slideshow of the event. Thanks Steve!


  1. bueeeena Gabriel!! great centerfold!!!!

  2. Awesome, a great event, captured with great sketches!

  3. I'm so jealous that you get to work as a journalist AND a sketch artist for the newspaper where you live! We have a good newspaper here in Va Beach, but I don't see great artwork in it like this. I want to move to Seattle now!

  4. The photo below the fold of a nudist group trying to set a skinny-dipping world record.its nice..

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  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

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