Monday, June 29, 2009

The green revolution, also in black and white


I usually illustrate Sunday's opinion page guest column as part of my job at the Seattle Times. Even though it always runs in black and white, I like to do a color version of the artwork for the website. In this case, I really wanted to get some green in there as you can imagine. The article was a very interesting read by famous travel journalist Rick Steves about the situation in Iran. Everyone should read it.

Steves lives in Edmonds, so we are practically neighbors. One of these days I'd like to visit his "Europe Through the Back Door" headquarters. I have a tip or two about travelling to Spain, I hope that gets me in.


  1. Buenísimo trabajo, Gabi. Realmente fantástico.

  2. Olá gabi. I have read it. Great. The ilustration is very efective.

  3. Yes you get it..
    Hope for the best..

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  4. This is awesome! It's so good to see newspapers using quality illustration again and not all photos.