Saturday, June 6, 2009

'Best friends,' by Olivia


My daughter is really getting into drawing and coloring. She turns four next month. A few days ago she drew this picture of herself -on the right with three eyes- with her 4-year-old neighbor, who only got one eye for some reason. She drew it with chalk on the concrete floor of the garage and Michelle was really smart to take a photo before it got erased. She said Olivia called the artwork 'Best friends.'

I'm starting to put her drawings on a Flickr set so there will be a record of her progress. As you can imagine, I'm a really proud father!


  1. Clearly she's going cubist!

  2. great double-portrait! I really like small details - like fingers and toes and hair is done on both of them! Oh - and that neck turn is just fantastic!

    I started a set for my son's drawings a few days ago as well (though I was not sure that anyone might be interested so I kept it private ;) my only concern is if there is a way to get it form the Flickr - may be as a book or export it to have it offline - do you have a plan for this?

    Keep these coming, Gabi!

  3. How sweet the chalk drawing is! Love your Sunday morning sketch.

  4. love Olivia's observations =o) wonderful...

  5. Patricia2:13 PM

    Brava Olivia!

  6. This is precious! I wish there'd been Flickr when my kids were little - I tried to keep their drawings but house moves, bad storage and de-cluttering did away with many of them.

  7. Olivia called the artwork 'Best friends.I agree with this...

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