Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday morning at the church of coffee



This morning I went to the "church of coffee" Starbucks at the Mill Creek Town Center. I met my friend Pete there. He's even newer to Seattle than I am. Only lived here since last year. He's an industrial designer and is just getting the urban sketching bug. After coffee we moved across the street for a sketch of the singular architecture of the coffee house, where instead of bells on the church looking tower you get the twin-tale mermaid logo. Pete did a good job, I hope he'll get a Flickr account going soon and join Urban Sketchers.


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Hey Gabi,

    Thanks for the impromptu sketch session and tips. It was nice to meet you. We'll get together for some jamon one of these days.

    Oh, and I've heard that, like the camera, the pen adds twenty pounds. Is that true?

    Oh, and I did get a flicker account and posted my sketch to it.



  2. ooops, sorry about the extra pounds! those pens sometimes get a little crazy with the lines ;)

    definitely, let's plan on having some tapas soon!

    i'm off to find your flickr account

  3. amanda june2:52 PM

    I love your work! Have you sold any sketches to Starbucks for display? There are a few prints in one I frequent that really resemble your style. Love it!

  4. Olá..U are a nice present in my blogue...

    thanks for your work.
    Gabriela Ludovice

  5. Fun sketches, Gabi. When I saw "church of coffee" it got me wondering. I'll be flying up to Spokane in a few weeks and we'll go to a church called "RealLife" in Post Falls, ID, where it literally is a church of coffee. They serve mochas and lattes that you can actually take into the service. I guess if the sermon puts you to sleep, the coffee wakes you up.

  6. oool sketches Gabriel!! your whole blog is a"must" .

  7. Great sketches! Your use of color is just perfect, not too much color, not too little color. And, you really conveyed Pete's concentration while he sketched. He must have really been working too.

  8. Even i hed been many times over there...the "church of coffee" Starbucks at the Mill Creek Town Center.

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