Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The art of Susan Jouflas

We talked a bit about the iPhone New Yorker cover in the newsroom yesterday. Five of the seven people I work more closely with at the Seattle Times' art department have iPhones.

Susan Jouflas, the features art director, is one of them, but she hadn't tried Brushes until yesterday. It didn't take her long to create her first iPhone fingerpainted masterpiece: a self-portrait with green hair and a sleepy eye. I loved it. I said she may enjoy iPhone drawing at night too, just like St├ęphane Kardos with his sunset paintings.

But instead of night sketching, she tested the iPhone backlit screen in the darkness of a closet. A not so itsy-bitsy spider was about to eat a fly and she captured the moment. Classic Susan. Her striking whimsical style never fails to hit a nerve on your brain. I am really lucky to work just a few feet away from such a talented illustrator.

Check out more of Susan's work like the page above on her website and at Visual Editors.
I keep telling her she should start her own blog. The world awaits.


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