Monday, April 13, 2009

Sketching over Greenland at 578 mph and meeting a sketcher


On our way to Spain I did this sketch of another sketcher on board. She was drawing nice compositions of planets with a blue Micron pen, which instantly caught my eye because I use the same type of pens.

A few hours later, when light was starting to peak through the windows and they were about to serve breakfast I told her I had been sketching her while she drew. I also handed her my sketchbook. She liked my drawing and even showed it to her mom, who was sitting next to her. It's a good sign when people want to share your drawing with others. It means they like it.

I then introduced myself and she did the same. Her name is Cristina and she's an art student in Seattle. I gave her my business card with the URLs of my blog and the Urban Sketchers blog written on the back, suggesting also that she joins our Flickr group.

After we landed in Amsterdam we said goodbye. Cristina and her mom went on to catch a flight to Prague and we went on to catch ours to Barcelona.


  1. Great for you Gabi, I wish I could meet a sketcher one day!

  2. Hey Gabi I love the comments you put on this sketch, great to have you back.

  3. You really do amazing work!

  4. what a fabulous sketch and a great story! i love art inspired by travel!

  5. clara7:32 AM

    Me encanta que ya os conozcáis.
    Gabi, Soy Clara, la del curso de Jaca. Espero poder disfrutar de vuestro trabajo personalmente en ese lugar del pirineo y haceros ver que aunque a muchos nos cuesta colgar los trabajos en la red, os seguimos. Abundamos los que compartimos esta pasión. La mía sobre todo es disfrutar de los trabajos de los demás. ¡Con qué generosidad los compartís!. Por eso mi granito de arena en este asunto ha sido el hacer posible una iniciativa que reconozca el valor de estas pequeñas, grandes obras de arte.
    Un abrazo muy especial que te reservo hasta septiembre para dártelo personalmente.