Monday, April 20, 2009

Aracena, Spain (2)

Two days ago I posted a drawing done in Aracena during my recent trip to Spain. Here are two more sketches in Aracena:


This is a church from the 13th century which sits next to the Aracena Castle.


And this is a quick scribble I managed to do inside the Grotto of Wonders —which I colored later as best as I could remember. The grotto is actually below the Aracena castle and church complex. According to the guide who gave us the tour, it was discovered 100 years ago by a sheepherder, even though Wikipedia says it was discovered by a boy looking for a lost pig. Whoever it was, what an awesome finding!

The inside of the cavern has several halls along an underground lake that forms a horseshoe shape. Each hall has a different name depending of the rock formations: the hall of garbanzo beans, for example, has rocks on the bottom that look exactly like garbanzos. The hall of the nudes has minerals in shapes ... well, you get the idea.

All in all, visiting this caves was a highlight of our trip. If you are in Spain and around Sevilla, I recommend the trip to Aracena.

Seattle Sketcher is moving

Well, not me, my blog. On April 27 I will do my last post here and move to Seattle Times dot com, where I'm thrilled to join my newspaper's talented team of bloggers. The official launch is not until April 28th, but I'm already starting to post there. Comments, tweets, blog posts and any other kind of online promotion welcomed! Thanks!

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