Wednesday, March 25, 2009




The panic kicked in after I left work: I don't have any 'today' sketches to blog about.

But it was early and I thought I'd sketch something while waiting for the bus. But nope, my bus came right away. I got on it. It was packed though. I didn't get a good seat. But I changed to another one after a stop where most people leave. Then I was able to draw this man engrossed in his reading.

Then, after getting on the car for the last leg of my commute, I added two more cars to this parade of vehicles drawn at stoplights. The cars I added are the ones I colored later at home.

All in a sketcher's day!


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I liked the text on this one... it's very funny... you're addicted! We're all addicted to our little "things" whatever they may be.

  2. Such a talent! Liked your comments with the sketching.

  3. Do you have any reason to not sketch on your work? In the newspaper? Don't you have time? Sometimes I make a tremendous effort to sketch on my daily gray conventional finantial environment...

  4. Away in Italy for 40 days it's good to see and read you again!

  5. Ah, sweet! I love the unfinished Jeep on the top left corner!