Thursday, March 26, 2009

Horse gets ready for work


This afternoon I walked past this garage at Minor Avenue where some horse-drawn carriages are kept. The door was open and this horse was getting ready for work —the carriage was still inside.

The guy in the picture had just washed the horse with a hose and was brushing him. The sidewalk was still wet with water. I asked him if he minded that I sketch. He didn't seem to care.

It was cool to get to draw a horse in the city. I hope he likes his job as much as I do like mine as an urban sketcher.


  1. I am loving this sketch!

    Yay for urban horses!

  2. Very nice and different in the city!

  3. And you claimed to have trouble sketching horses. This looks great. I like the angle to the neck and the shadow in the doorway.

  4. thanks everybody!

    @Thor, i still don't think i'm very good at drawing horses or other animals but i guess i'm improving! i surprised myself with this one, it was good the horse hardly moved!