Friday, February 6, 2009

An urban rest stop for homeless


A center for homeless called Urban Rest Stop is located in the historic Julie Apartments building in downtown Seattle. The center has been providing free access to restrooms, showers and laundry facilities since 2001. I walk by it often and did this quick sketch yesterday afternoon. On their website I read that officials estimate there are 9,000 people sleeping on the street in Seattle every night. A sobering fact.

[ Urban Rest Stop, un centro para personas y familias sin techo se encuentra en el edificio histórico conocido como Julie Apartments en el corazón de Seattle. El centro lleva en funcionamiento desde el año 2001 y ofrece acceso gratis a lavabos, duchas y lavadoras. Paso por delante a menudo y ayer por la tarde hice este apunte rápido. En su página web leo que las autoridades locales calculan que unas 9.000 personas duermen en la calle en Seattle cada noche. Un dato que da para pensar. ]


  1. Good sketch, Gabi. Homelessness is an unfortunate part of life these days, and I'm glad you acknowledged and blessed it with a sketch.

  2. I Like this so much and looked up the links to find out more, especially about the Urban Rest Stop. Not enough of these places to rest and wash up and do the laundry for our homeless. I retired after working with the homeless in Connecticut for 18 years. A heart breaker--9,000 on the streets at night in Seattle.
    And, by the way, welcome back to the Sketching Forum. Gabi.