Friday, February 20, 2009

Thomas street construction

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This is some of the construction taking place east of the Terry Avenue building. The red crane here is the same one you could see on the background on Thursday's post. While I was sketching, this giant drill machine was perforating the ground and scooping out dirt. It was very entertaining to watch.

[ Esta es parte de la obra que están haciendo al este del Terry Avenue building. La grúa roja es la misma que se puede ver en el post del jueves. Mientras dibujaba, esta máquina taladradora gigante perforaba el suelo y sacaba tierra hacia afuera. Una actividad muy entretenida de ver la verdad. ]


  1. I like how the drill rides right up the centerfold.

  2. Si lo cierto es que ver obras es un entretenimiento internacional, sobre todo para los juvilados. Saúdos e apertas crack

  3. Bravo - I'd like to drive that red crane.
    You asked sometime back for comments about drawing on the spot and adding colour later from memory. I found this about Turner:
    Sketchbooks were a vital part of Turner’s working methods. They were small, light and easily carried around during his travels. Turner preferred to sketch in pencil on the spot and then, if necessary, add watercolour or other media later on. He would refer back to his sketches as he developed compositions in the studio, sometimes months or even years after the event.

  4. Gabi,
    You've got a great eye for everyday subjects like this. Every guy loves construction equipment!

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