Friday, February 13, 2009



There were good news and bad news related to REI this week. The good news: Jim Whittaker, REI's first employee and CEO during the 60s turned 80. He was the first American to climb Mount Everest, something I learnt reading this story by Nicole Brodeur on The Seattle Times. The bad news: The Kent-based retailer announced job cuts.

[ Esta semana ha habido buenas y malas noticias relacionadas con REI. Las buenas: Jim Whittaker, el primer empleado de REI y su presidente ejecutivo durante los años 60 cumplió 80 años. Whittaker fue el primer americano que conquistó la cima del Everest, algo que he aprendido leyendo este artículo de Nicole Brodeur en el Seattle Times. Las malas noticias: la empresa de equipo de montaña y material deportivo anunció recortes de personal. ]


  1. I am just discovering the advantages of sketching from the grass medians between roads. Few people will dare cross the road to see what you are doing and the single point perspective is a good anchor. I like the branch framing the top of this drawing.

  2. beautiful sketch! bad news everywhere with job cuts.

  3. Ben Soto1:51 PM

    i love this sketch as much as i love this REI store. I'm sad to hear they're cutting jobs, glad I don't work for them anymore.