Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Immanuel Lutheran Church


I've been inspired by all the night sketches over at the Urban Sketchers blog and did this one yesterday evening.

Here you can see the Immanuel Lutheran church. It was completed in 1912 and is another building designated as historic landmark in the Cascade neighborhood, just like neighboring St. Spiridon Cathedral, which I sketched a while back.

[ Éste dibujo lo hice ayer por la tarde, inspirado por todos los dibujos nocturnos en el blog Urban Sketchers. ¶ Se trata de Immanuel Lutheran Church. Esta iglesia fue construida en 1912 y es otro de los edificios designados como patrimonio histórico del barrio de Cascade, igual que la vecina St. Spiridon Cathedral, que ya dibujé hace tiempo. ]


  1. por lo que se ve tiene pinta de ser auteramente hermosa :) Me gusta mucho. El sabado entre en una iglesia y desee saber dibujar del natural como tu lo haces...Un abrazo maestro.

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Nice. Really nice.

  3. This church is next door to my apartment building and I have also been inspired recently to translate it to paper.

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Great work. As someone with no artistic ability, I've always wondered exactly how long a sketch like this takes to create.


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  5. Nice Gabi. I love the gesture of those super-dark marks. They're so aggressive.