Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Self-portrait on bus


I'm not much of a pencil drawer. I like to draw directly in pen. Pens are better for lines. Pencils pretty much force you into shading, which is a lot of work! But it's good to break out of the comfort zone every now and then.

Since I've been really inspired by the pencil commuter drawings of fellow urban sketcher Adebanji Alade I thought I'd try to emulate him with a pencil sketch. A few days ago he posted a terrific self-portrait he did while riding the Tube in London on the Urban Sketchers blog.

[ No me considero un dibujante de lápiz. Me gusta dibujar directamente en tinta. Los rotuladores son mejores para hacer líneas. Los lápices, en cambio, te fuerzan a sombrear, lo cual es demasiado trabajo! Pero es bueno cambiar de técnica de tanto en tanto. ¶ Últimamente me inspiran los dibujos a lápiz de usuarios del transporte público que hace mi colega Adebanji Alade. Así que pensé en imitarle con un dibujo a lápiz. Hace unos días él puso en el blog Urban Sketchers un autoretrato buenísimo que hizo mientras iba en el metro de Londres. ]


  1. Interesting Gabi! Your pencil lines are cool too.

    Great Self Portrait!

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Great sketch - I always like the way other folks' pencil drawings look - mine always seem to end up a smeared mess!

  3. Awesome job! I love the line-work and his concentrate expression.

  4. excellent sketch! ... it's funny, years ago I would draw exclusively in pen, but in recent years I've become addicted to pencil - mainly because pen takes so long to shade via hatching (of course, if the pen is only used for outline, with shading via watercolor, that's a different story) ... but now that I'm sketching more frequently, I'm gravitating back toward pen. As I always tell my students - mix it up, change your media once in a while! great job ...

  5. Great comment this one of this fellow above.
    Great line work in fact.

  6. This is so much fun! Big Thanks!

  7. thanks for all the comments, i think i may indulge with more pencil sketches in the future!

    @matthew, very interesting insight about pencil vs pen use, in my book the pen is the winner but you are right, it's good to mix it up!