Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phones everywhere


I don't know how earphones work. I don't think I could walk around with one of them on my ear. This guy on the bus had one, in addition to his regular cellphone in his hand. Aw, technology!

[ No tengo ni idea de cómo funcionan los teléfonos que se llevan en la oreja. No creo que pudiera andar por la calle con uno puesto. Este tipo en el autobús llevaba uno. Además de su teléfono normal en la mano. ¡No nos falta tecnología! ]


  1. My dad and uncle use those all the time and I can never figure them out! They look like they're be too distracting. =(

    Nice work on the sketches, though. =)

  2. yep, i agree, thanks for the comment!

  3. After that draw I believe that was only in portugal...phones everwere...