Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Inauguration cake


I had told Michelle I wanted to draw something related to the Inauguration and she said she had seen these cakes at the supermarket, so I went there just to do a quick sketch yesterday evening. They sell for $7.99 and have a photo of Obama that is part of the cake. You can actually eat it. I have no idea how they do that. It's pretty amazing.

[ Le había dicho a Michelle que quería dibujar algo relacionado con la Inauguración de Obama y me dijo que había visto estos pasteles en el supermerado, así que allí fui ayer por la tarde sólo para hacer un apunte rápido. Cada pastel cuesta 7 dólares y 99 centavos. Tienen una foto de Obama en medio que es parte del pastel. Te la puedes comer. No tengo ni idea cómo hacen eso. Es increíble. ]


  1. We all have our hopes on him!

  2. Love this...and believe me, I'd be happy to eat that cake today!

  3. Fantastic ... the sketch, the cake, and our new president. It's a great day!

  4. I think they use 'edible inks' and print on special paper that they can then lay onto the icing. Que rico, una probadita por favor?

  5. It's true about the edible paper. Had a drawing printed and put on a cake for my SIL for grad party. fun! and not very expensive at all.

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