Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jump Planet


Last Saturday I took Alex to a birthday party at Jump Planet. This is one of the huge inflated contraptions they have for the kids to play. A few grown-ups played too. I saw them but didn't get to sketch them. I had to pay attention so my boy wouldn't jump into the ceiling, so this was a quick sketch, colored later at home.

[ El sábado pasado llevé a Alex a una fiesta de cumpleaños en Jump Planet. En el sketch puedes ver uno de los castillos hinchables para que juegen los niños. Algunos mayores también se metieron a dar saltos, pero no me dio tiempo a dibujarlos. Tenía que estar pendiente de que mi hijo no saltara hasta el techo. Es un apunte rápido, con el color añadido después en casa. ]


  1. jajajajjaa, me encnatan esos inchables...pero nunca me e podido subir a parecer soy muy mallor para ello. Saúdos e apertas

  2. Cool sketch of a funny-looking balloon. My kids have only seen one of these once, but they had a blast. I notice that you do something I do- write R,G,B etc for colors you want to add later. I do something similar for details- if a building has 20 windows, and I don't have much time, I'll just detail one window, then do the rest later. I suppose this is old hat for others. I'm just learning it.

  3. This one caught my eye. I have done a lot of work for a company that created the bounce rides. This ride is very similar to one of their models.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    - Greg