Friday, January 9, 2009

Grand View Apartments


If they hadn't built condos right behind this historical building (want to guess what year it was built before clicking on the link?), the tenants would still enjoy a grand view towards the west. Yesterday you could actually see the Olympic Mountains all covered with snow.

I was curious about how much the apartment for rent would go for so I called that number. A recorded message said it was two bedrooms for $1,200 a month.

[ Si no hubieran construido más apartamentos justo detrás de este edificio histórico (¿quieres adivinar de qué año es antes de hacer click en el link?), los inquilinos aún distrutarían de una verdadera gran vista hacia el oeste. Ayer incluso se podía ver la cordillera de las Olympic Mountains cubierta de nieve. ¶ Tuve curiosidad por saber cuánto costaba el piso en alquiler y llamé al teléfono que ponía en el cartel. Un mensaje grabado decía que tenía dos habitaciones y costaba 1.200 dólares al mes. ]


  1. Hola Gabi, just stopping to say hello. I never miss a post of yours but no time to know how it is! I'm thinking I need to 'urban sketch' some more!

  2. Thanks for providing the link with the history of the building. It was fascinating to read. Frank

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