Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter wonderland

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We live at the bottom of this hill. Last evening instead of driving the car all the way down I left it at the top and walked home —you can see my footprints in the snow. It had been snowing pretty good for a couple of hours. If the hill is all icy and covered with more snow today, at least I won't have to drive up it.

I did the sketch from the comfort of my son's room, which has the best view of the street. The down side was it kept him awake past his bedtime.

To mix it up, I used pencils this time. Lately I feel like experimenting with different media so I took a chance with this one.

For a fuller picture of our suburban life check out other drawings of the street, the house and the car I just talked about in this post.

[ Vivimos abajo de esta calle. Ayer por la tarde en lugar de bajar con el coche hasta el garage lo dejé aparcado en la calle de arriba y bajé andando hasta casa. Hacía un par de horas que nevaba bastante. Si la calle esta cubierta de hielo y más nieve hoy al menos no tendré que conducir hasta arriba. ¶ Hice el dibujo desde la habitación de mi hijo, que tiene las mejores vistas a la calle. El problema es que se quedó despierto pasada la hora. ¶ Para variar un poco he utilizado lápices. Últimamente tengo ganas de experimentar con otro tipo de técnicas así que me arriesgé con éste apunte.¶ Si quieres tener una perspectiva más amplia de nuestra vida suburbana puedes mirar estos dibujos de la calle, la casa y el coche del que hablaba en este post. ]


  1. For me really wonderland!

  2. Definitely worth keeping your son up past his bedtime!

    Forgive my ignorance...I didn't know it snowed in Seattle...

    Thanks for inspiring me to use different media.


  3. I can hear the snow crunching under your feet! The light shining in the windows seem to lead you down the hill.

  4. really beautiful!

  5. your picture makes me want to curl up with hot chocolate and I live where there is snow and cold all winter. You did a great job on the picture.