Friday, December 5, 2008

St. Spiridon Cathedral


This Greek Orthodox church known as St. Spiridon Cathedral is just a few blocks from where I work in the Cascade neighborhood. Many Russian, Serb and Greek immigrants settled in this part of town in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

I am fascinated by the look of it every time I walk by and I finally sketched it on a recent sunny November afternoon. After I finished it, I went to the deli next door to get a sandwich. I don't remember the deli's name because at work we just call it 'the Russians.' I recommend the Prosciutto classic on ciabatta bread.

For more background information about this church built in 1941 you can visit this page at History Link dot org. The congregation itself also has a sharp looking website at Saint Spiridon dot org. I also found a nice set of photos at wikimedia.

[ Esta iglesia greco-ortodoxa conocida como St. Spiridon Cathedral está a un par de calles de donde trabajo en el barrio Cascade. Muchos inmigrantes rusos, serbios y griegos se asentaron en esta parte de la ciudad a finales del siglo XIX y principos del XX. ¶ Me fascina su aspecto cada vez que paso por delante y por fin tomé un apunte en una reciente tarde soleada de noviembre. Cuando lo acabé fui a un deli que está al lado a comprarme un sandwich. No me acuerdo cómo se llama el establecimiento porque en el trabajo lo conocemos simplemente como 'los rusos'. Recomiendo el de prosciutto en pan de chapata. ¶ Para más información sobre esta iglesia construida en el año 1941 puedes visitar esta página en History Link punto org. Y la congregación también tiene una bonita página web en Saint Spiridon dot org. También he encontrado una buena serie de fotos en wikimedia. ]


  1. es preciosa...o eso parece gracias a tu trabajo. Saúdos

  2. I love this one, Gabi.

  3. Te ha quedado preciosa. Lo que me está resultando difícil es quitar con el Photoshop los cables de electricidad que hay frente a la iglesia y que tanto la afean :-)

  4. Great drawing. You make all drawings seems easy...

  5. Gabi, try to go inside the church sometime. I've never been there but can guarantee you that it will blow you away with all the lavish decoration usually found in Greek Orthodox Cathedrals. And the smell of the incense is just so lovely...

  6. Gabi, This sketch is Wonderful! It is so full of joy for me. Many times, when seeing these blue onion domes as I pass by on I-5, they are back lit and breathtaking. I want to stop on the spot and paint them. When I have the time, I am back home and have forgotten about the scene. Thanks for taking the time to capture the moment.
    All the best,

  7. Gabi, I usually see your work, and I choose you as my favorite, in blogues.
    I let you know too, one blog from arquitecture from someone I really loved:

    Keep doing what you so well do...