Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow fun


We got about five inches of snow on Thursday. Schools were closed. I didn't go to work. We spent the day playing with the snow and having hot cocoa inside afterwards. On the sketch, Alex going down the side of the house with his sled.

[ El jueves cayeron unas cinco pulgadas de nieve (12 centímetros). Los colegios cerraron. Yo no fui al trabajo. Pasamos el día jugando con la nieve y tomando chocolate caliente después en casa. En el dibujo, Alex bajando con su trineo por la pendiente a un lado de la casa. ]


  1. This is quite the weather system - we have it today in Wisconsin. Your rendering of snow is really good. I bet those SF hills are great for sledding.

  2. Nice sketch! I heard about the blizzard of snow in WA.

  3. I envy the sketch and the snow. At Lisbon I've seen snow 4 or 5 times in my all life and only for a couple of hours!

  4. We got hammered over here on the other side of the state, over 20 inches on the hill where I live. I did get two days off from work, but I spent them shovelling snow... Great sketch!

  5. My niece in Seattle e-mailed me on Friday and told me about the unusual snowfall, and my first thought was to check your blog, knowing you'd do sketches of it! I love it - especially the pencil sketch from your son's room.
    Enjoy the snow with your kids! They'll probably have lifelong memories of this weekend!

  6. Olá gabi. Aproveito para te desejar um feliz Natal.
    Grande abraço.