Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reading with a Kindle


This guy was using an Amazon Kindle to read on the bus. I've never actually held one so I can't really relate to the reading experience. No flipping pages. That seems strange, but that's how we read blogs too, and our cellphone screens. Maybe it's really the future. I don't know. Any Kindle users out there?

[ Este señor estaba utilizando un Amazon Kindle para leer en el autobús. Yo nunca he tenido uno en la mano así que no puedo imaginarme esa experiencia de lectura. Sin pasar páginas. Parece extraño, pero al fin y al cabo así es también como leemos blogs y las pantallas de los teléfonos móviles. Tal vez ese sea el futuro. No lo sé. Algún usuario de Kindle que esté leyendo este post? ]


  1. No, but I read a lot of e-books on my PDA. It is really very convenient for the public transports and the books are cheaper and more eco then the paper ones (though the paper books are much better to look at). Maybe that is one of the reasons why I don't draw on the train...

  2. It looks just like text out of a book, and because there is no back light you don't suffer from computer eyes. It is really nice, but a little pricey.

  3. a verdade os e-books são mais amigos do ambiente mas estão a imaginar um diário gráfico virtual?

  4. it's true that digital media saves trees, but i still love to touch a printed page

  5. Ben Soto8:58 PM

    I won't be able to ever give up books. I love seeing how far i've read, feeling the pages. I love books on my shelf.