Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not tall, grande or venti, just short

An unusual technique for me: pencil and watercolor on sketch paper. See the uncropped version here.

I didn't know you could actually order a 'short' latte at Starbucks. A friend told me it used to be on the list but they took it out. Still, they'll make one for you if you order it. If someone has more Starbucks wisdom to share on the subject I would love to know the real story of how Tall, Grande and Venti got Short out of the menu.

[ No sabía que se podía pedir un short latte en Starbucks. Una amiga me dijo que antes salía en la lista pero lo quitaron. En cualquier caso, si pides uno te lo preparan. Si alguien sabe más sobre este tema que lo diga. Me encantaría saber la verdadera historia de cómo Tall, Grande y Venti sacaron a Short del menú. ]


  1. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Thanks for telling! I like the way the cup is coming out of the drawing!


  2. Awesome sketch- I think the pencil and watercolor looks great- I hope you do more with that.

  3. Starbucks is now coming to Portugal. Our starbuck culture is non existent, but we have lots of coffee shops with excellent coffees and unique pastries. If I spend some time abroad the Portuguese coffee shops is something I always miss.

  4. jejejejeje, que pabero el cafe. Saúdos maestro...felices fiestas :)

  5. You are lucky Pedro to have all those coffee shops and don't really need any Starbucks culture. Here in the United States we don't have cafés or bars like the ones in Portugal, Spain or Italy, that's why a guy called Howard Schultz copied the idea and started Starbucks back in the 80s. The funny thing is how well they are now selling that same European concept back to the Europeans.

  6. Good marketing to skip the short on the menu. Still like it best for the Straight Shot!

  7. BelltownBill3:05 PM

    Now wait a minute:) Howard Shultz bought a successful string of 3 Starbucks and grew it. He did not start Starbucks. Pike Place, U-Village and one other loacation were the originals. You can still get a short hot, but the short plastic for colds is no longer stocked. My favorite short iced americano is no longer available:(