Monday, December 22, 2008

Collision leaves buses hanging over freeway

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This story was all over the news on Friday. Even my parents in Spain saw it on TV. Two charter buses packed with about 80 students coming home for the holidays skid down an icy street and barely avoided a 20-feet plunge over the freeway. Fortunately, there were just a few minor injuries.

I was nearby so I had to do a sketch. My hand was pretty frozen by the time I finished it, but it felt good to record the scene.

[ Este suceso estuvo en muchos informativos durante la jornada del viernes pasado. Incluso mis padres en España lo vieron por la tele. Dos autocares con unos 80 estudiantes que volvían a casa para las fiestas navideñas patinaron por culpa del hielo y casi se caen a la autopista que pasa por debajo. Afortunadamente sólo hubo unos pocos heridos leves. ¶ Yo estaba cerca de donde ocurrió y tuve que hacer un dibujo. Cuando acabé tenía la mano congelada, pero me quedé satisfecho de documentar la escena. ]


  1. hi
    nice sketch
    im from germany and ive seen it on tv aswel. it was a big story in the world im still asking me why :)

  2. the news didn't merit international coverage but i think TV stations showed the images because they're very dramatic

  3. Great work! How's the weather? We are still getting TOO much snow over here in Spokane. My daughter has to head bak that way in a couple weeks, hope by then the snow stops and the roads and passes are clear.

  4. hey joseph, we've had a ton of snow here too, i worked from home today because the commute downtown would have taken me forever. i'm just glad we didn't lose power like two years ago

  5. Your snow sketch makes me want to be little again, with my own sled,and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows waiting for me in the kitchen.

  6. Gabi,

    We drove right by this on our way into Seattle the other night. Unreal. I'm amazed everyone came through it unscathed. You had an incredible angle on this accident.

    Meanwhile, what's up with the snow?! This place is really not prepared. Good thing I brought my boots!

    Will be going to SAM today - very excited.

    - Robin

  7. hey Robin, welcome to Seattle, you're right, we're not very prepared for a storm like this, it's crazy out there. hope you will still enjoy your visit, stay warm, drink lots of coffee ;)

  8. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Love your Sketches of the Seattle area. The bus accident sketch was better than the photos! Seattle seems more interesting when viewed through your eyes/drawings. Right now I'm tired of looking at my neighbors house across the snowy street here on the Sammamish Plateau!