Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold week ahead


When we woke up Sunday morning there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground, the first of the season. Temps are supposed to stay below freezing throughout the week, the coldest in decades for this time of the year.

We only left the house for a brief trip to Central Market to buy groceries in the afternoon. By then roads were clear and snow was mostly on the grass and roofs. Michelle and Olivia went inside the supermarket and Alex and I looked for a good sketching spot. We found one next to the church of coffee, which is how I like to call this Starbucks. While I drew, he kicked and played with the snow. He also checked on my progress a few times. When I was drawing the sign he made sure I knew that 'market' has an 'e' and a 't' at the end. The problem though is that I ran out of space but I thank my smart 5-year-old for pointing that out.

Last winter I also did a sketch the first day we had snow. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

[ Cuando nos despertamos el domingo por la mañana había un par de pulgadas de nieve en el suelo, la primera nevada de este invierno. Las temperaturas estarán por debajo de los cero grados toda la semana, algo que no pasa en esta época del año en un par de décadas. ¶ Sólo salimos de casa por la tarde para ir a comprar comida a Central Market. Las calles ya estaban despejadas y la nieve estaba principalmente en las zonas de vegetación y en los tejados. Michelle y Olivia entraron en el supermercado y Alex y yo buscamos un buen lugar para dibujar, que al final encontramos justo al lado de la iglesia del café, como llamo yo a este Starbucks. Mientras hice el dibujo él se entretuvo jugando con la nieve. De vez en cuando también se paró a ver cómo iba el dibujo. Cuando estaba dibujando el letrero me recordó que 'market' acaba con una 'e' y una 't'. Lo malo es que no me quedaba espacio, pero de todas maneras agreadecí a mi aprendiz de cinco años por avisarme. ¶ El invierno pasado también hice un dibujo el primer día que nevó. Si te lo perdiste, lo puedes ver aquí. ]


  1. I thought about you when I saw that snow forecast for Seattle! This is fantastic and the one from last year is absolutely superb---among my very favorite Gabi drawings.

  2. Parece que tu "aprendiz" es muy atento :) Me fascina ver lo diferente que es usa a mi tierra galega :) Saúdos e apertas

  3. Robin B.4:10 AM

    Hey! what's up with the snow?! I'm coming all the way out there from my own snow country, I was kinda hoping for something warmer!! :-)

    Seriously, I am looking forward to checking out the sights, and now I may add the aforementioned Starbucks to the list...

  4. I wasn't hooked into your blog, last year, Gabi, so I had to check, and I agree with Laureline, you recreate super snow scenes. I do like your CHURCH OF COFFEE--perfect name. The 5-year-old in our family(grandchild, of course) is VERY observant, also. He taught me how to enlarge the You Tube pictures to full screen.

  5. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I know someone who calls Starbucks "Our Lady of Starbucks"

  6. Alex siempre pendiente de lo que hace papá... :-D

  7. ahhh snow.

    Gabi, you mentioned time in your description of this sketch. How long exactly does it take to dash off one of these? And is it different on the bus when you know there is a fixed amount of time vs. the uncertainty of the time of someone shopping?

    And thanks for the holiday card! Cheers to one and all.

  8. hey Mark, i take between 20 to 30 minutes on most of these spreads on the pocket moleskine, coloring is another 20 minutes or so usually at home.

    drawings on the bus are different because they're basically a collage of different drawings drawn at different times, sometimes i only sketch one person on one ride, sometimes two.

    i you're up for it maybe we should go on a sketchcrawl one day!

    @Robin, the snow is not very common, temps should go back to normal next week, hope that doesn't ruin your trip!

    thanks everybody for the nice comments!