Monday, December 1, 2008

Buy more stuff


Friday at 5 p.m. was the tree lighting at Westlake Center. I was at work but I took a break to check it out and get myself some dinner as well. Downtown was as crowded as you would expect. I squeezed past many people to reach the corner of Fifth and Pine, where at least I could see the tree.

And besides the tree I was able to see a bunch of people holding signs. I didn't quite understand their "buy more stuff" message, so I went to talk to them after the tree lighting was over.


I asked if they were being paid by a department store. They said no. James, the guy with the scarf, said he had made his own sign himself. Barry, who was wearing a nice black and white pin-striped suit seemed to nod when I asked if they were trying to help the economy. But then he said they were just doing it for fun.

I had fun too, especially since they were really nice when I said I wanted to draw a picture of them. They didn't think I was nuts. Barry even pulled out his iPhone and snapped some photos of my sketches when I was done. I told them to google Seattle Sketcher and check out the blog so I hope they stop by and leave a comment. I'd like to know if they were pleased with the result of their "buy more stuff" campaign.

[ El viernes a las cinco de la tarde encendieron el árbol de Navidad en Westlake Center. Yo estaba en el trabajo pero me tomé un descanso para ir a verlo y de paso comprarme un sandwich para cenar. Como era de esperar el centro de la ciudad estaba abarrotado. Pude hacerme paso entre la gente hasta llegar a la esquina de Fifth y Pine, donde encontré un hueco desde el que al menos podía ver el árbol. ¶ Y además del árbol podía ver un buen grupo de gente con pancartas. No entendí muy bien de qué iba el mensaje —Compre Más Cosas— así que después de que encendieran el árbol me acerqué a preguntarles de qué se trataba. ¶ Les pregunté si les había contratado uno de los grandes almacenes, pero me dijeron que no. James, el de la bufanda, me dijo que su pancarta de hecho se la había hecho el solo. Barry, que llevaba un traje de rayas blanco y negro creo que asintió con la cabeza cuando le pregunté si estaban intentado incentivar la economía. Y después me dijo que simplemente se estaban divirtiendo un rato. ¶ Yo también, más aún porque fueron super amables cuando dije que les quería dibujar. No pensaron que me hubiera vuelto loco. Barry incluso sacó su iPhone y tomó unas fotos de mis dibujos cuando acabé. Les dije que buscaran Seattle Sketcher en Google y se pasaran por el blog. Espero que se pasen por aquí y dejen un comentario. Me gustaría saber si se quedaron satisfechos con el resultado de su campaña. ]


  1. these guys are such pranksters. Very nicely drawn! And again, love your little comments the way you attach them in strategic places,

  2. That's a pretty strange day.

  3. Great sketches- interesting story. Here's a fun idea, Gabi. Have you ever checked out You can turn your blog into a bound book- price isn't bad either.

  4. Ja! ¡qué historia más divertida! Muy bueno!

  5. Buy more stuff? With what?

  6. It's really a good idea, "sur le vif" : Bravo !

  7. 'Tis the season to be jolly! Good sketch-good fun.

  8. that's a good question josé!

    i've heard of blur Rob, i'll have to check it out

    thanks all for the comments, 'tis the Season to be jolly indeed!

  9. This is Heater, one of the Buy More Stuffers. It's awesome that you came buy and immortalized our event. Barry was tickled bright red. Hopefully we added some levity and perhaps a little bit of thought into holiday shopping. It was a very interesting year to Buy More Stuff.

  10. Barry9:15 PM

    Yes, indeed, I was very pleased to be captured by your pen -- and by this year's Black Friday BMS event. You can learn what little more there is to know about BuyMoreStuff at (unsurprisingly)

    Yours is a different take on public art -- I like it. I've browsed much of your blog, and I'll be following it in the future.

  11. Hey thanks for the sketches, these look great. I'm one of the Buy more stuffers and I appreciate ur rendering! Its true, we had no message, no social agenda and no other plans on friday except to catch a good laugh. Incidentally, I was the one with my daughter Sage atop my shoulders in the first sketch... I love how u portayed her 8 year old body as it crushed me! :-) Happy Holidays!!

  12. i'm glad you guys from BMS found your way here. thanks for the compliments on the sketches and the blog, you provided a great subject matter!

    thanks for the link too Barry, i'm getting an error when i try to go to it but i'll try tomorrow again. i think i get the message now by the way

  13. I love the pictures. I saved and used your image on my website, linking it back here. If you have any qualms with this, please contact me at and I will remove it.

    Thanks so much,