Friday, November 14, 2008

North Carolina Transportation Museum



While in North Carolina we visited the transportation museum in Spencer, a little town northeast of Charlotte. It was really interesting to see old cars like the famous Ford Model T and specially the roundhouse with trains including the Southern Crescent, old locomotives and even an Army hospital car from the Second World War.

[ Durante la semana que hemos estado de vacaciones en Carolina del Norte visitamos el museo del transporte en Spencer, una pequeña población al noroeste de Charlotte. Fue muy interesante ver coches antiguos como el famoso Modelo T de Ford y también el hangar de locomotoras donde estaba la del Southern Crescent y otras más antiguas. También se puede visitar por dentro un vagón-hospital de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. ]


  1. These are great Gabi - you're so good at drawing things on wheels. It's been years since I visited a place like this, which is a pity since I really enjoy older mechanical contraptions. There's something really pleasing about a machine that's simple enough for one to grasp how it works, without having to take a degree in micro-electronics first!

  2. Excellent sketches, Gabi. Love these.

  3. Hey Gabi, thanks for the kind words about my art! I've been keeping up with the Urban Sketchers, and I thought it was a hoot to see the all too familiar campaign signs you posted there a few days ago. Anyways, I'm really enjoying the posts, keep up the great work!

  4. Theses are great.

    I'm curious - do you carry a little watercolour box or make colour notes and add them when you get back?

  5. thanks all!

    lynne, i carry a niji waterbrush and gouache paints, but i usually don't have time to color on location because i'm with my kids and family and don't want to make them wait so I do it later at home, like it was the case here

  6. Um museu de carros antigos. É de fazer crescer água na boca.

    Gabi: acho que este blogue devia pertencer ao Urbansketchers:
    Dá uma vista de olhos.