Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mail moley

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These North Carolina mailboxes are my most recent contribution to my Moleskine Exchange group.

[ Estos buzones de Carolina del Norte son mi contribución más reciente al grupo de intercambio de Moleskines. ]


  1. se salen...sabes esos buezones me parecen más cómodos que los que se usan aqui...ademas sirben para que la panadera deje el pan ..a lo mejjor me compro una. Saúdos e apertas

  2. It's so ironic that you were in my home state while I was in your home country last week! These are wonderfully observed and drawn, Gabi.

  3. thanks Laura, I was thinking the same thing while I was in NC and you were in BCN!

  4. I love this moleskine so far, this is a great addition! these mailboxes say 'america' to me, I still enjoy seeing them here.

  5. Where have i been? I am just discovering this!
    Great! Mailboxes can have such personality, especially when presented this way.