Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

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On Sunday afternoon I drove around my neighborhood to find some people I had seen waving Obama signs at an intersection earlier in the day. I thought that would make a great 'election day' sketch. But they weren't there anymore.

I actually haven't seen many signs of the presidential candidates around here. I guess it's pretty much a given that a blue state like Washington is going to go for Obama. What is not so clear is who will win the race for governor today. Democratic candidate and current governor Christine Gregoire won just by 129 votes four years ago after three recounts. She defeated Republican candidate Dino Rossi, who is running against her again. I was lucky enough on my search for signs to find this cluster with signs of Gregoire and Rossi mixing up with others selling homes, concrete and even a religious preschool.

As I drove back home I did find an Obama/Biden sign in a house near mine. That's exactly what I needed to complete this moleskine spread.

I hope both Gregoire and Obama win today.

[ El domingo por la tarde fui a dar una vuelta por el barrio a ver si encontraba a unos seguidores de Obama con pancartas que había visto en un cruce de calles por la mañana. Pensé que podría ser un dibujo ideal para el día de las elecciones, que es hoy. Pero no los encontré. ¶ De hecho no he visto muchos carteles de los candidatos presidenciales por aquí. El estado de Washington es tradicionalmente demócrata y se da por hecho que Obama lo ganará sin problemas. Lo que no está tan claro es quién ganará en las elecciones a gobernador. La candidata demócrata Christine Gregoire ganó por tan sólo 129 votos hace cuatro años y después de tres recuentos. Venció al republicano Dino Rossi, que vuelve a ser su oponente en esta ocasión. Al final de mi recorrido buscando algo que dibujar tuve suerte y encontré esta esquina bien poblada de mensajes de todo tipo, no sólo las pancartas de Gregoire y Rossi sino también anuncios de venta de casas, cemento e incluso de una guardería cristiana. ¶ Cuando ya me volvía para casa encontré una pancarta del ticket Obama/Biden en un casa cercana a la mía. Eso era exactamente lo que necesitaba para completar estas páginas de mi moleskine. ¶ Espero que hoy ganen tanto Gregoire como Obama. ]


  1. Thomas Thorspecken1:47 PM

    I ran across your work from reading the sketch crawl site. Your sketches inspired me to hit the streets and sketch political supporters on election day. Having seen your work I decided to attempt using washes for the first time. It was a bit frustrating but I am thrilled at the outcome. I would like to ask you about your work process when applying washes on site. I am using water filled brushes and I was surprised to find the pigment would backwash into the brush creating muddy colors. The basic question, how do you keep your colors vibrant? Thank you for sharing your work, again it is an inspiration.

  2. You got your wish...Obama is President Elect. I live in Chicago...it is a crazy and wonderful place tonite!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been lurking around yours the last few days....great stuff..I will be back!

  3. PS...just watched your Moleskine sketchbook YouTube video and enjoyed the eye candy and ear candy. : )