Friday, October 24, 2008

Worshipping at the church of coffee

Coffee kiosk at 164th St. near Mill Creek.

Last time I sketched one of these drive-thru coffee kiosks nobody stopped to buy any drinks. I lucked out this time and two cars went by this one, which is on the parking lot of the North Sound Vineyard Church.

[ La última vez que dibujé uno de estos kioskos para comprarte un café sin bajarte del coche no se paró nadie a comprar nada. Pero esta vez tuve suerte y dos automóviles pasaron por éste, que está en el parking de North Sound Vineyard Church. ]


  1. eres genial gaby! thanks for sharing

  2. Funny to have this drive-thru coffee stop with the church sign behind it. Reminds me of a church near Spokane that serves custom coffees before the service.

  3. Lo de los coches "pasando" por encima del dibujo esta genial, un recurso sencillo pero muy esclarecedor.

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